Company address: Chaobaihe Industrial Park, Dachang, East Yanjiao, Beijing    Service Hotline:010-52649208/0316-7788866   Fax.:0316-7788877   

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Address: Industrial Second Road, Chaobai River Industrial Zone, Dachang, Dongyan, Beijing

contact number:0316-7788866 010-52649208

Fax: 0316-7788877

Business Cooperation: Langfang Yoshino Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.

Public relations: Guomao take bus No. 816 or No. 817 and get off at “Fuxi Company Station” and transfer to a taxi for 3 kilometers.

Subway: Take Metro Line 6 to the terminal "Yucheng Station" and transfer to a taxi for 20 kilometers.

By car: Jingtong Expressway will turn to Yanyan Expressway along the eastbound of National Highway 102 for 15 kilometers to “Dachang Fishing Tackle City” and turn right to Yanfu West Road for 3km.