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Hiring post

The leading products of Hebei Lizhun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are high-end intelligent equipments, which are used in automotive engines and home appliance refrigeration compressors to provide key precision parts processing machines and automated production lines. Serving domestic and international first-class customers and exporting to developed regional markets (North America, Singapore, etc.), it has become a leading company in the professional field. Due to the needs of business development, we have joined the people with lofty ideals to join forces and contribute to the development of China's national equipment industry.

1. Mechanical designer 2

No gender, bachelor degree or above, mechanical and related majors, skilled use graphics softwares. More than 3 years of mechanical design or related work experience, familiar with mechanical engineering related standards. Experience in designing various power components (tooling fixtures, spindles, etc.) or mechanical structures of machine tools is a plus.

2, electrical designer 2

Unlimited gender, bachelor degree or above, major in automation and related majors, proficient in drawing softwares. More than 3 years working experience in electrical design, mastering Siemens, Mitsubishi PLC programming or CNC system programming, programming software can be used to design and develop machine tool control system.

3. Quality Engineer 1

Gender is not limited, college degree or above, major in electromechanical. Strong mechanical drawing ability, master the inspection principle and statistical analysis methods of various types of machine-added parts, precision machine parts and complete machines. Proficiency in the operation of various measuring instruments (three coordinates, collimator, roundness meter, roughness meter, hardness tester, etc.), quality management experience of large enterprises (preferably machine tool manufacturing enterprises) for more than 3 years, in charge of ISO90001 quality System certification and review and other related work.

4. Personnel Supervisor 1

Bachelor degree or above, human resources and related majors. Proficiency in office software such as Word, Excel and PPT. Master the relevant laws and regulations of labor law, more than 3 years working experience in personnel management of medium-sized and above enterprises, proficient in compensation plan formulation and performance appraisal module. Strong written and verbal skills. Experience in manufacturing human resources management is preferred.

5. General Office Assistant 1

Female, under 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in management, more than 1 year working experience in administrative assistant. Proficient in using Office software such as Word, Excel and PPT, the work is meticulous and meticulous, the thinking is quick, the communication and coordination ability is strong, and the writing skills are profound. Those who have the ability to speak and write in Japanese are preferred.

6. Chief accountant 1

Bachelor degree or above, accounting and related majors; 3 years of experience in accounting for industrial enterprises, skilled application of finance and Office software; familiar with national financial and economic policies and accounting, tax regulations; quick thinking, careful and meticulous, with good communication skills and Professional ethics; experience in the mechanical manufacturing industry is preferred.

7, CNC operator 5

Gender is not limited, Zhongji and above, graduated from CNC technology and related majors. More than 1 year of experience in general vehicle, general milling, CNC milling or machining center, strong ability to map and independent programming. Ability to perform equipment adjustments, maintenance, lubrication, maintenance, and general troubleshooting.

8, assembly fitter 5

Male, technical and above, major in electromechanical. More than 1 year of working experience in machine or machine tool assembly. Have the basic skills required for fitter (recognition, workpiece grinding, punching, scraping, etc.); skilled use of various measuring tools, will operate the radial drilling machine. Can be qualified for business trips.

9. Reserve talents 5

Mechanical, electrical and management related majors and previous undergraduate graduates, love the machinery manufacturing industry, have the ability to learn, have the responsibility, have entrepreneurial spirit, can adapt to the working atmosphere of the startup company and grow with the company, willing to contribute to the Chinese national equipment industry A talented and ambitious young talent.

Company benefits: 1, a minimum of 4 days of rest per month, free three meals and fast hotel-level accommodation.

2. Sign a formal labor contract and pay various social insurance and housing provident funds as required.

3. A perfect salary system and a smooth career promotion channel.

4, excellent office and work environment, enjoy the benefits of holiday gifts, tourism, excellent staff selection and other employee benefits.

All the above positions are recruited by outstanding fresh graduates!

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