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Precision boring machine for connecting rod of refrigerator compressor

Connecting rod of refrigerator compressor

Product Advantages Technical Parameter Manufactured Product

1. The bed, column, and spindle box adopt a casting structure with stable accuracy;

2. Adopting oil pressure toothed indexing turntable, accurate positioning and fast speed;

3. Controlled by Mitsubishi CNC system;

4. Adopting modular design, each workstation process can be adjusted;

5. Adopting an oil pressure fixture structure;

6. Optional automatic loading and unloading mechanisms and semi-automatic loading and unloading mechanisms.

1. Processing distance: 32-40mm

2. Maximum machining diameter: 16mm

3. Maximum spindle speed: 4500r/min

4. Maximum reciprocating speed: 16m/min

5. Workbench workstation: 9