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Bearing processing production line

Air conditioning compressor flange

Product Advantages Technical Parameter Manufactured Product

1. production line is used for processing serialized air conditioning compressor bearings;

2.The production line  consists of LM068+LT032+LM050;

3. machine tools can simultaneously complete the precision machining of bearing end faces and inner holes of series compressors;

4. The automated logistics system completes fully automated processing from semi-finished products to finished products;

5.Equipped with an automatic loading and unloading mechanism to replace traditional manual labor;

6. Electrical and pneumatic key components are imported components, and key bearings and sealing rings are imported components;

7. Adopting an overall enclosed protection system;

8. adopts a high flow cooling system.

1. Production line beat: ≤ 12 seconds/piece

2 production line workstations: 4+1+8 workstations

3. Number of spindles: approximately 13 spindles

4. Total power: approximately 60KW

5. Total weight: approximately 25T