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Grinding machines - multi-station grinding machines for standard drills

Product Advantages Technical Parameter Manufactured Product

1. High-precision multi-station tool grinding machine for standard drills with a new grinding machine design concept, is 4-station and 5-workstation CNC rotary continuous automatic tool grinding machine;
2. Based on a 4-working head rotary table, this machine can be used for high-volume production of standard drills in carbide and high-speed steel;
3. The machine is the only rotary continuous automatic work grinding machine specifically designed for the production of standard drill bits;
4. Machining cycletime: ≤ 100 seconds per workpiece, and the accuracy and dimensional repeatability: < 0.005 mm for mass production;
5. Tool clamping technology can guarantee the runout of workpiece : < 0.002 mm;
6. Closed-loop control for all axes is optional, which can meet different precision machining requirements;
7. Automatic loading and unloading system with articulated robots;
8. Multi-channel control, simple and intuitive programming.

1. Grinding of drill bits 
1.1 Grinding range by drill diameter : ∅2mm-∅12mm
1.2 Grinding range by drill length : ≤100mm  
2.Range of drill holding: ∅2mm-∅12mm
3. Grinding wheel adjustment range: main tool face: 5°-30°; secondary tool face: 8°-35°
4. Max. grinding spindle speed: 6000r/min 
5.Total machine power: 32KW
6.Machine tool air pressure: ≥0.6Mpa    Air inlet pipe: ∅8mm/∅10mm