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Compressor block automation line

Refrigerator compressor crankcase

Product Advantages Technical Parameter Manufactured Product

1.Used for serial compressor blocks;
2.Consisting of LH035+LH036+LH018;
3.Designed for simultaneous roughing and finishing processing same serie of blocks;
4.Automatic logistics system for fully automated cylinder processing from blank to finished product;
5.Equipped with imported industrial robots to replace traditional manual labour;
6.Key electrical and pneumatic components are imported, key bearings and seals are imported elements;
7.Integral closed protection system;
8.High flow cooling system.

1.Production cycletime: ≤ 12 seconds/piece;
2.Number of workstations in the production line: 12+12+8 workstations;
3.Number of spindles: approx 40 spindles;
4.Total power: approx 200KW;
5.Total weight: approx 60T.