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CNC special machines for compressor piston machining

Refrigerator compressor piston

Product Advantages Technical Parameter Manufactured Product

1.The bed, column and spindle box are made of castings for stable accuracy;
2.Hydraulic toothed indexing table for accurate positioning and fast speed;
3.Adopting Mitsubishi CNC system;
4.Equipping visual alignment function before loading;
5.Boring and honing in one time, two pieces in one clamping to process;
6.Automatic loading and unloading workpieces system by in-machine logistics.

1.Maximum machining depth: 30mm
2.Max machining diameter: 9mm
3.Max.spindle speed: 4500r/min
4.Max. reciprocating speed: 16m/min
5.Workbench stations: 12