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Product Advantages Technical Parameter Manufactured Product

1. One time clamping left and right box each 1 piece, multi-axis, multi-directional and multi-processing mode at the same time;
2. Rigid multi-axis box bearing chamber position ≤ ± 0.01mm;
3. High stability. The dowel hole of precision bearing system Cpk>1.67, other finishing hole system Cpk>1.33;
4. Using variable frequency drive for spindle, servo drive for feed, so cutting parameters can be flexibly adjusted;
5. Easy operation and maintenance;

6. In accord with national industry standards.

1. Equipment accuracy
1.1 Positioning accuracy of sliding table in place:0.02mm,repeat positioning accuracy:0.01mm;
1.2 Parallelism of the spindle with one side ≤ 0.015/150mm,positioning accuracy ≤ ± 0.02mm;
1.3 Parallelism of spindle and slide guide ≤ 0.015/150mm;
1.4 Radial runout of the fine boring spindle:near-end ≤ 0.005mm and far-end≤ 0.01/150mm;
1.5 Minimum of output increment of servo axis drive: 0.001;
2. Cutting parameters
Boring speed:    V = 150-650m/min
Drilling speed:   V = 70-150m/min              
Tapping speed:  V = 5-15m/min
3. Feeding speed
Rapid feed: ≥10m/min
First-level cutting feed: 80-200mm/min
Second-level cutting feed: 5-30mm/min
4. Processing cycletime: 55s