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Further enhanced the competitiveness of construction machinery

Feb 10,2023

China has become the world's largest robot application market for five consecutive years, but high-end robots still rely on imports. Industrial robots are the used multi joint robotic arms or multi axis machine, which can automatically complete the job and relying on their own power and control capabilities to achieve various functions.

At present, more than 70% of China's new industrial robots rely on imports, and the domestic market is almost monopolised by foreign brands in high-end robot applications, while domestic robots are mainly handling and loading and unloading robots, which are at the low end of the industry. Foreign leading enterprises have regarded the Chinese market as the "main battlefield", establishing production bases in China, with existing technological advantages, to seize the industrial development of the high ground. Some core components of domestic robots are mainly imported from Japan, the United States and Europe.

It can be expected that in the future, various types of robots will occupy every aspect of our lives, and the explosion of the robotics industry will never be a flash in the pan.