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Master Metal is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture, sale and service of high-end CNC machine tools, and affiliated to Rongtai Group, a listed company in China. Master Metal has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, and its products cover four fields: refrigeration appliances, automobiles, tooling fixtures and precision cutting tools. The number of employees has reached 200, and the turnover has exceeded 200 million RMB.









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Special equipment Machining center

360-degree viewing of products allows you to see details in greate detail

360-degree viewing of products allows you to see details in greate detail

Innovative Product

As an innovative technology oriented enterprise, we provide equipment solutions for the fields of refrigeration appliances, automobiles, tooling fixtures and precision cutting tools. We will help you solve the manufacturing cost problems and personalized challenges you face through innovative products. The needs of our customers are the driving force for our continuous progress.

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China's machine tool industry runs smoothly Exports continue to grow significantly

China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association released on the 12th of 2022 the first quarter of the economic operation of the machine tool industry: January to March China's machine tool industry import and export totaled U


Further enhanced the competitiveness of construction machinery

China has been the world's number one market for robot applications for five consecutive years, bu


Grasping the new trend of global industrial transfer and promoting the re-upgrading of China's manufacturing value chain

Against the background of further deepening of global value chains in manufacturing, China has the opportunity to build on its dominant position in global manufacturing value chains formed over the past decade or so, actively lead the way and scientifically lay out a manufacturing value chain system with Made in China as the core and leading edge, deeply integrating advanced industrial and technological


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